Which printer software should you buy?

HP is trying to compete with Apple’s iMacs with its new printer software and will introduce its first desktop-level printer at its new $1,799 PC business unit in the next two years, according to two people familiar with the matter.

HP has hired the people, who declined to be identified, to work on HP’s next printer software effort.

HP declined to comment.

The software will have a new interface that will allow users to easily add and remove printers, according a person familiar with HP’s plans.

The new software will be aimed at businesses that need printers for more than one device, such as office supplies, personal assistants, and home theater systems.

The printer-software effort will not replace HP’s current desktop printer, which has a large user base.

HP is not yet clear on how much of a market it will have.

In an interview last month, HP CFO John Dickson said HP is “looking at a few different directions.”

HP’s software, however, could be used to add printer accessories and other printer features to existing HP printers.

That would make the printer software a direct competitor to the iMac.

HP’s desktop business unit is the only one of the world’s largest printers.

HP, which makes printers for HP, Dell, Dell Maxx, and other large companies, has also been making printers for other brands.

The company has made some improvements to its printer products, such by introducing new models with a larger footprint and a more affordable price.

In addition, HP’s PC business is the biggest of all the business units in HP’s global unit, and HP has been aggressively expanding its PC business in recent years.

HP said in December that it plans to cut 4,000 jobs in 2018 and 2019 as part of a $1.2 billion restructuring that will see the company reduce its workforce by a quarter of a million workers.

HP stock has fallen about 11% in 2017 and has fallen 17% this year.

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