When you want to get in on the action, Google says it’s your only hope for a fast and secure checkout

Apple’s App Store and Google Play don’t really have the same user experience, but the latter is an absolute must-have for those with the time and money to invest in a phone or tablet.

The latter is especially true if you’re interested in a faster and more secure checkout process.

If you’re not, you’re best off with Google, which says it will make sure your payments and other transactions are safe with a new security feature it calls SecurePay.

“We’re proud to announce SecurePay, an industry first,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“When you use Google Payments, your transactions are encrypted, your data is encrypted, and your transaction is encrypted when you pay.

And if you want a secure checkout, we’ve built a new way to make it happen.” “

For those of you who prefer to use a different payment method, you can easily switch to Google Payments.

And if you want a secure checkout, we’ve built a new way to make it happen.”

SecurePay requires you to enter your credit card details, then enter your card information in the secure QR code you’ll see after you’ve entered your card details.

That information is then decrypted, encrypted, then encrypted again.

SecurePay works by making the payments system more secure.

“If you ever need to switch between different payment methods, you just scan the QR code,” SecurePay explains.

“You’ll see a QR code that shows your payment info, but it’s not secure.”

If you don’t want to worry about your transaction being encrypted when it’s being scanned, you’ll need to download a separate app that lets you encrypt your payment information when you’re done.

Securepay isn’t just a Google thing, either.

Apple also added SecurePay to its own apps in December, so if you don

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