Tesla crashes in California after software update

Tesla is reporting an error that could have put the Model S sedan’s Autopilot system out of action, and the company has halted the rollout of the software update.

The company says it is investigating and has begun removing Autopilots from the Model X and Model 3, which were scheduled to go on sale this month.

Tesla says the software updates will be rolled out in a few days, and a fix will be available as soon as possible.

Tesla is offering a free update for owners of the Model 3 and Model X who bought their cars between the dates of February 2 and February 17, 2017.

Tesla has since issued a “voluntary recall” for the affected vehicles.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told CNBC that the recall was not intended to affect Tesla’s Autosteer system, which is used to take over control of the vehicle.

Tesla says that the software was installed on an earlier version of the Autopilon software update for Model X owners.

Tesla had previously released a software update to address a similar problem, and this one had not been widely reported.

The software update was installed after Tesla released a “fix” for a software issue that affected Model X cars with the latest Autopile software update on March 18.

Tesla said the fix would allow drivers to take control of their cars in the event of a collision.

In a statement, Tesla said that the “software update is designed to fix a software flaw and to fix the software flaw on a small number of vehicles, including the Model III and Model IV.

The company will not release the final software fix to the public, and we are not aware of any customers who may have been affected by the fix.”

Tesla says it has been contacted by over 3,000 people who were affected by Autopillers software issue.

Tesla’s chief technology officer, JB Straubel, tweeted that the company had been notified of the issue, but did not have a date for when the software would be updated.

Tesla said the software issue affected only one vehicle, and that it has resolved it.

The problem was resolved in a software patch for a broader range of vehicles on March 25.

Tesla is working with “industry partners,” and said it is also working with other manufacturers to help address the problem.

“We are continuing to review the issue,” Tesla said.

Tesla also says it expects the software fix will arrive as soon the software is updated.

Musk said that Tesla would fix the issue on a case-by-case basis, and suggested that the problem was related to a “flawed software update” that had not yet been publicly disclosed.

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