What is remote access?

Remote access is the ability to access a computer remotely from a network of devices, including devices connected to the Internet.

Most remote access products require an internet connection.

In some cases, a device is connected to a network that is not part of a physical network.

Remote access products may be purchased through computer hardware stores, computer software stores, and online retailers.

In many cases, remote access is free, but some remote access services may require additional fees to access or store data on a computer.

The term remote access may also refer to an account or an access point that allows a user to access computers from other devices.

Many remote access tools require that the user sign in with a password to gain access to a computer or a computer system.

This allows remote access to log on to computers, access files, and perform other tasks that may be remotely accessed.

Some remote access devices may also require a username and password for logging in to a remote system.

For more information, see Remote Access Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use.

This article describes the main features and benefits of remote access.

Remote Access Features The following sections describe the most common remote access features and provide some background information.


Login to a Computer Remote access software that is installed on a remote computer, such as Remote Desktop Services, can access remote files, folders, and applications on the remote computer and send them to a web server on the local computer.

Remote Desktop Server A remote desktop server can be accessed from any computer or computer network.

It is usually located on the server or in a network shared with other computers or computers.

For example, a remote desktop service could be used to connect to a local computer, or a remote office could be connected to another office network.

There are two main ways that a remote server can access a remote file, folder, or application on a local network.

A user logs in with an administrator account, and the user then navigates to the remote desktop by typing the name of the remote file or folder, which is the directory that contains the file or directory, or by clicking on a link to open the file.

A remote file on a web page can be opened by using the link.

A link to a file can be clicked to view a local copy of the file, which may include links to other files in the directory, such a .pdf file.

This example shows a user opening a remote document that includes links to files in a folder named document in the folder My Documents.

The example also shows a remote web page that contains links to a link that opens a remote version of a document.

A file can also be opened remotely by using a command line tool, such the web browser, or through a web browser such as Google Chrome.

For remote file access to work, the remote server must have Internet connectivity, such that the remote client can connect to the local server.

In addition, the computer must have a browser that supports the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which allows the remote service to communicate with the remote machine over the Internet (for example, by using HTTPS).

The Remote Desktop Service does not need a password.

When the user logs on to the computer, the RDP session opens the remote web browser.

The browser can also connect to and view the remote files.

A Remote Desktop session on a machine running Windows Server 2003 or later does not require an administrator login.

However, when the Rdp session is opened from a remote service, such like Google Chrome, it will require an account to access the files.

To access a file on the Windows Server 2007 operating system, use the command line tools that can access files and folders on a server.

For the following examples, see a remote user opening documents in the My Documents folder.

The following example shows the Rtp session being opened by the remote user.

This is the same example that would be opened if the remote document was on the My Pictures folder.

A Rtp document on the computer could be opened with the Rcp command, which allows remote users to browse the file system.

A computer that supports Remote Desktop is a remote device that allows remote clients to interact with a computer, like a remote printer or remote remote network.

The RemoteDesktop protocol uses a protocol called SSH, which can be used on a single computer or on multiple computers.

SSH can be configured for remote connections on remote devices, such by setting up a login session and connecting to remote servers.

To configure remote devices to use Remote Desktop, a user uses a command prompt.

To see how to set up a remote connection to a server, see Set up a Remote Connection to a Server.


Access a Remote File or Folder on a Web Page Remote desktop access software can use URLs to locate a file or a folder, and send the file to the server.

These URLs can include URLs that point to the same file or the same folder.

For instance, a file could point to a URL that points to a directory that is part of the MyDocuments folder.

This command example shows

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