BMW UK launches Cam, 3D modeling software

3D modelling software will be available in 2018, the British automaker announced today.

The Cam software suite will be released as part of a new suite of Cam software for the 2017 model year, which will also include new 3D features and a revamped version of the Cam app.

The new software will support all Cam models and CamPeds from 2018.

“Cam is a new technology that combines all the latest digital imaging capabilities and the latest technologies with the best of the PC and Mac,” BMW said in a statement.

“Cam software will make it easier for consumers to discover and use 3D models, as well as provide an easier way for professionals to create and share 3D content.”

The Cam suite will also bring many new features to the Cam platform, including:The CamCam suite includes a complete CamCam app, including the CamCam Studio, CamCam Editor, CamView, CamWorld, CamLandscape and more.

This includes a new CamCam, CamPods, CamPro, CamTrip, CamStrap and CamTune, and the CamStudio.

“It will enable us to deliver a more personalized experience for consumers, with greater transparency of what’s happening in the car,” said Chris Sussman, director of automotive software and services at BMW.

“We will be able to share with our customers the results of our 3D-printing, scanning and testing processes with their vehicles.”

The new CamPasses, CamSights, CamRear View cameras, and CamPro lenses will be compatible with the new Cam software.

“The CamStudio and CamWorld apps are designed for use with the Cam Cam 2.0 and Cam Cam Pro,” said Sussmann.

“These apps can be used to create, create and upload your own 3D images, with the most powerful camera tools in the industry.

The new camera software will also be used in a range of new and innovative products for BMW, including a new BMW e-Drive, BMW’s new autonomous driving system, and a new range of BMW vehicles, including BMW X6, BMW X8, BMW 7 series, BMW 5 series, and BMW X5.

Development Is Supported By

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