‘I think the FBI is going to have a tough time getting to the bottom of it’ – CNN reporter tool

Breitbart News article The FBI has not publicly announced the findings of its investigation into whether former President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election, a White House official said Friday.

But White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not rule out a WhiteHouse investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 campaign, which President Donald J. Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on May 9.

The official said it would not be appropriate for the president to speak about the matter publicly, and that a statement would be issued by the White House shortly.

In an interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity on Thursday, Sanders said the investigation was ongoing, but added, “I think there are going to be some things that the FBI does not know.

And that’s why we’re trying to be as transparent as we can, and make sure that we don’t get bogged down in any of the innuendo and innuendoes that people have been throwing out about this investigation.”

The official also said that the WhiteHouse is continuing to consult with senior intelligence officials and the Department of Justice to develop “a strategy that will be presented to the Congress” regarding Russia’s alleged meddling in the presidential election.

On May 9, the Whitehouse sent a memo to staff to advise them that “an FBI investigation is under way into Russian activity that influenced the 2016 U.S. presidential election and that we believe was carried out by Russia.”

A day later, Sanders told Hannity that the investigation would not focus on the alleged coordination between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia.

“We don’t have any reason to believe that that’s a focus,” she said.

“There is no reason to think that it was.”

Sanders said in an interview that she could not say if the investigation had led to charges, but that “the president has said that we are going after anybody who meddled in our election.”

“I’m not saying that I don’t think we should investigate, but I can’t say that we’re going to pursue a case,” Sanders said.

The president’s decision to fire Comey, which resulted in his resignation, sparked a massive outcry from Democrats and the left.

Trump had initially insisted that the dismissal was a mistake, and he later said that Comey was fired because he had leaked to the press information that had been classified as top secret.

But the Whitehall memo, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, shows that Trump had “advised” Comey to publicly announce his findings in a memo on May 10.

The White House has not yet responded to a request for comment.

In the memo, Trump wrote that Comey had disclosed “top secret information” to the media and to congressional leaders and was being treated “with disdain.”

The president added that Comey’s “aggressiveness” had been “untenable” and that he was “deeply troubled” by the way he handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The memo, according to a copy obtained by Fox News, also says that Comey “had previously briefed the President on his concerns about Comey’s handling of the Clinton email case.”

Comey, who has been the bureau’s top law enforcement official since he took office in January, told Congress in April that he would not disclose the investigation to the public unless the president told him not to.

The letter from the WhiteHall memo, which was written by acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, did not contain the president’s comments about Comey, or his claim that he “made the public statements” in an effort to stop the FBI investigation.

McCabe was in charge of the investigation until Trump fired him in May.

He had been the FBI’s top official since January and had led the investigation for the past two years, but he was fired in May amid a controversy over his handling of Clinton’s email case.

In a memo obtained by the Times, McCabe said he did not recall the president ever telling him to drop the investigation.

He said the president had told him he was not personally involved in the decision to remove Comey, and had not made the decision himself.

McCabe did not respond to requests for comment Friday.

McCabe, a Democrat, was also the chief of staff to Clinton when she served as secretary of state.

McCabe has since left the FBI.

In April, Trump tweeted that Comey, whom he had previously praised for “doing a great job” on Clinton’s investigation, was being “treated badly” by Trump.

“The Fake News is trying to get back at James Comey for his very good work on Crooked Hillarys emails and now the Russia probe,” Trump wrote.

Trump has also claimed that the former FBI director leaked to reporters classified information to the White Houses lawyers, which could have been classified information and should have been reported.

McCabe had previously testified to the House Intelligence Committee that he did so only after a request from the president.

Trump also tweeted Friday that he fired Comey because he refused

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