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Intel unveils a new laptop that’s a “solution to everyone’s problem”

In this July 12, 2021 file photo, a computer desktop at the Intel Headquarters is seen in Madison, Wis.

Intel Corp. is unveiling a new machine that combines a laptop and a tablet to make a new “workstation.”

(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File) Intel Corp., the computer maker that was once known as Hewlett-Packard Co., is unveiling this year’s new laptop, the Intel Unifying Software for Workplace Computing.

The new Intel Unizing Suite is designed to simplify the computing experience for the vast majority of people working in a company.

But its creators say its biggest potential for the future is for businesses, particularly those with a wide variety of jobs, to automate.

The software, called Intel Unify, will make it easier for businesses to share tasks, share files and make changes, according to Intel Corp.’s product description.

Intel said the software will be available for free on the company’s website.

It also includes a new video chat function, a cloud-based file-sharing program and other features.

The product was released last week.

It was initially targeted to businesses but Intel is now offering it to businesses, as well as employees and contractors.

It also has been rolled out to enterprise customers.

Intel’s new unifying suite, or “unifying,” is built on the work of engineers who have designed many software products in recent years, including Google’s Android operating system and Microsoft Office.

They have created a suite of tools for corporate IT managers that are designed to help them manage a company’s information technology systems, as the company continues to overhaul its way of doing business.

Intel said the unifying system is a solution to everyone in the IT industry’s “big problem.”

It is designed “to give people and companies a way to focus on their core business goals, while also helping them make smarter decisions, while allowing them to do their jobs more effectively,” Intel said.

The company said the “unified” system is “built on an open architecture that enables you to create a unified experience in the workplace that is as seamless and as productive as possible.”

“The system allows you to run multiple software applications, manage the software environment, and share files across multiple machines,” Intel added.

“It also provides a unified view of your information and lets you use your desktops to collaborate and work on your projects.”

The software suite will be free for business customers.

Employees will have to pay a monthly fee of $79 to access it.

But the company is offering a discount to companies that hire more than 100 people.

The Intel Unising Suite comes as the technology industry continues to evolve.

Intel has invested in artificial intelligence to help its software, as it continues to move to the cloud, but the company has also moved to use a “mobile first” approach.

Intel is also working on a software that allows companies to monitor employee performance through virtual reality headsets.

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