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When is the next Oculus software release?

With Oculus software now on the horizon, the company is now looking ahead to its next major release.

Oculus VR, founded by Facebook co-founder Palmer Luckey, is known for releasing new versions of its software every few months.

The company has released software updates for the Oculus Rift, Oculus Touch and the Touch controllers, and it also plans to release a software update for the Rift later this year.

Oculus Rift software was first released in 2016 and has since been updated to include Oculus Touch, a new VR headset that allows users to interact with virtual objects by touching the screen.

“We’ve been working hard to make the Oculus experience even better, and now we have a major update to our latest version of the Oculus SDK,” Oculus VR’s chief product officer, John Carmack, said in a blog post.

“Over the next couple of months we’ll be releasing a major release of Oculus Touch software that will bring a whole new level of functionality to the Oculus ecosystem.”

Carmack also said Oculus will be releasing its next-generation Oculus SDK later this month.

“The new Oculus SDK is an important milestone for us, as we strive to deliver the best user experience possible for our consumers,” Carmack wrote.

Oculus Touch was released in March 2018. “

I can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store for you in the months ahead.”

Oculus Touch was released in March 2018.

The Oculus Touch controller has been designed to be able to be used with an iPhone, iPad or Android device, as well as a Windows PC, Mac or Linux computer.

Oculus Touch’s price was originally $199, but was slashed to $199 in September 2018, with a price cut to $149 the following month.

Oculus released Touch as a standalone app in October 2018, but now that the Rift software has been updated, Touch is the only VR device that can be used on a mobile device.

“Today, we are excited to share a new update for Touch, the newest version of our platform.

Touch is available to anyone who owns an Oculus Rift and has a compatible PC or Mac, iPhone, or Android smartphone,” Carmacks blog post read.

“To learn more about Touch, you can visit our Touch page on our website, and you can read our latest blog post to learn more.”

Oculus VR said the Oculus Touch update will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

“Our next major update will bring the Oculus platform to a whole other level,” Carmacs post read, “and it’s coming very soon.

This will include a huge amount of bug fixes and performance improvements.”

Oculus Rift is still one of the few VR headsets that can’t be purchased directly from a retailer, but the company said in March that the price of the headset would drop to $299 after the Rift was made available to the public.

It will cost $399 for a limited edition version of Touch, which includes a Gear VR headset, a Touch controller, and the Oculus app.

Oculus said Touch users can also download an Oculus Touch starter kit to try out Touch.

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