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The $4.4 trillion superannuation super fund scandal has hit Australia’s pension funds

Australia’s superannuities have become a source of anger in recent weeks after it emerged the Commonwealth Superannuation Guarantee Fund, which is owned by Australian banks, had received a total of $4 billion in illicit funds.

The ABC understands that $2 billion of that was used to buy up the remaining $1 billion of shares in the Commonwealth super fund, which was set up in 2007 by the Howard Government and managed by the Commonwealth Retirement Age Scheme.

This was done in a scheme dubbed “diversification” and was intended to help boost the fund’s value and attract more investors.

The money was used, according to the ABC, to “double the number of investors” and “double its revenue”.

The ABC’s investigations have uncovered a number of serious breaches of Australian superannuations rules, including:The scheme is being investigated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and will be investigated by ASIC, the Commonwealth Attorney-General and the Attorney-Generals Department.

Investors have been told that a number will face a fine of up to $3 million if they are found to have breached their obligation to the scheme.

A spokeswoman for the Attorney General’s Department said it was “looking into this matter and is prepared to consider any action appropriate”.

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission has also been informed of the matter and will take action if it is appropriate, she said.

In its statement, the Australian Superannuants Association said it had been notified of the allegations and had asked the AG to investigate the matter.

“We expect the Australian Federal Police to continue their ongoing investigation into these matters,” it said.

“We are deeply concerned about the potential for future misconduct and the implications of the breaches for the future of the scheme.”

In a statement to the AP, ASIC said the AG had been informed that it had “concluded that there are appropriate offences to prosecute, and are undertaking an investigation to determine the facts of this matter”.

The Commonwealth superannuitures fund is the largest superannuated fund in Australia.

Its portfolio has grown from $12.4 billion at the start of 2016 to $28.9 billion at end-June, according the latest figures.

Which is the best laptop?

The best laptop, as we’re still learning, isn’t easy to define, especially when there’s so much competing options.

But here are the best laptops on the market right now, and we’ll be diving into the performance, price, and features of every model in our coverage.

The Acer Aspire X51 (2018) The first laptop to use Intel’s Core i5-4200U processor, the Aspire’s high-end processor lineup is based around Intel’s new 7th-generation Core i7 processors.

While the CPU itself is still considered a “flagship” in the consumer market, the Core i3-4170U (7th-gen Core i6) and Core i4-5010U (6th- and 7thth-generations Core i8-5200U) are both very competitive in terms of price and performance, and both feature some pretty impressive specs.

The Intel Core i9-7600K (8th-Generation Core i10) and the Core I9-7800K are similarly powerful, though both use a more powerful socket than the Asprince.

The Aspire has been around for some time now, but we’re not sure if that’s something of a surprise.

This is the first time we’ve seen a laptop that uses the 7th generation Core i processors from Intel, though they’ve been around since the 7200U, and it’s the same 7th gen Core i-series that Intel started to adopt in laptops back in 2013.

The Core i Core i series processors have been around ever since Intel started pushing its Haswell-based CPUs, and Intel has been building its lineup based around them for a while now.

The CPUs used in laptops tend to be more powerful, so it makes sense that the Aspirin would be a bit more powerful than its rivals.

While it’s still a little slow in the performance department, the laptop should be a reasonable performer in gaming, though there are some limitations with the CPU.

The processor used in the Aspires is the latest version of Intel’s Skylake microarchitectural core, which is the same CPU used in most laptops now.

Intel’s CPU lineup is fairly broad, with CPUs based on Broadwell, Skylake, and Haswell all being available, though some chipsets and platforms are also supported.

While Intel has released CPUs based off of the Skylake family for a few years now, the Intel Core-i5-4250U and Core-e7-3770K are the first to use Skylake CPUs, which means you won’t be able to upgrade from the Skylanes to the new Haswell chips anytime soon.

The laptop uses the Intel 7th Generation Core i CPUs from Broadwell-EP, Core i 6, Core-t6, and Core 6.0.

The CPU cores are rated for up to 13W TDP, and this laptop is powered by a 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS display.

The display is capable of 240Hz native refresh rate, though you’ll likely want to bump it up to 240Hz when gaming.

The laptop uses a full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS display, which can be set to 60Hz if you want to play 4K games.

While this screen isn’t the best in terms, it’s a good choice for games that demand high quality.

The keyboard is a full-size full-color mechanical keyboard, which Intel claims has a 50% increase in tactile feedback.

The webcam features a 5MP dual-LED setup, and the USB Type-C port is built into the keyboard, so you’ll be able plug in and charge your device while it’s on.

How to manage and manage software with the Windows 10 operating system

Microsoft has introduced a new way to manage software for Windows 10: the Windows app.

This is Microsoft’s attempt to tackle a few issues with the app that were causing some confusion and frustration for users.

The Windows 10 app lets you create and share software updates and downloads.

Microsoft says it will support these changes with its next major update to Windows 10.

The app will support updates for Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant, Office for iPad, and Skype.

Microsoft will also release a new, fully-functional version of the app for Windows 7 and 8.1.

The new app will be available to download from the Microsoft Store and can be accessed through the Windows Store app, which has a separate interface.

Microsoft has been working on this redesign for some time, with the first preview coming out last October.

The redesigned app will have the same features as the previous version.

Microsoft’s previous app, for instance, let users upload their Windows 10 installation to the cloud, or share their updates via email.

It also offered a “cloud-powered” version of Cortana, which was essentially the same as the old version, but with some improvements.

Microsoft said this redesign will give users more control over the software updates they download.

You can choose how to manage the updates, and you can share the updates to multiple accounts, too.

There are also new features, such as a “Settings” page for managing apps and a “App Updates” page that lets you see what’s coming next.

There is a new “Help” section for users to help with troubleshooting and installing updates.

The “Cloud” tab will show how to share your software updates, as well as help you set up a Microsoft Account for the app.

Windows 10 will also include a new dashboard, “Windows Update,” that will show what’s happening with each update and which updates are available in the cloud.

The dashboard will include a summary of the current state of the Windows Update process, including the latest versions, when and how many updates are installed, and when and where the updates are coming from.

Windows Update will also show the status of the OS updates.

Microsoft hopes that the redesigned app, and new dashboard will help users find and install updates more quickly and efficiently.

The company also says that new updates will be automatically downloaded automatically when you connect your Windows 10 device to a network, and automatically updated when you uninstall the app from the Windows store.

Microsoft is also adding an “Automatically Install” option to the Settings app, in the Windows Insider preview program, to allow you to enable automatic downloads of updates automatically.

Microsoft also is rolling out a “Automated Updates” feature that will automatically download and install software updates.

This feature was previously available only on devices running Windows 10 Home, but is now available on Windows 10 Insider Preview devices.

Microsoft plans to roll out these features in the future.

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How to Create a Smartphone Apps Directory

By now, the Google search engine has become a staple in the Google ecosystem.

Its search engine and its other tools are everywhere.

With a few clicks on your home screen, you can search for, download, and install any app or game you want on your smartphone.

Google search is an essential tool in your digital life, and one that Google’s founders have long dreamed of using to help people do more of what they want to do on their smartphones.

But the company has struggled to find a way to make this functionality available to its users, as it has been struggling to keep up with growing competition from apps like Apple’s iBeacon and Google Assistant.

That’s why, on Thursday, Google announced it is launching a new service called Google Search Assistant, a new sort of search that allows you to do more than simply type a word into your Google search box.

Assistant will allow you to search for videos, photos, music, and much more on your smartphones.

Google Search is now a part of Google Assistant’s app store, but it will be a separate Google product from Google Assistant on Android devices, and it will not be available for users to download.

The search tool will be free to use and you can get it as part of your Google Search app.

You will be able to search with the search box’s search features, and Assistant will even show you suggestions from other Google search apps that you may have downloaded.

It will also allow you direct access to the Assistant search results and search suggestions for apps that are on your phone.

Google Assistant will be available to all Google devices that have a Google Search software installed.

Google is calling this a “search assistant” and Assistant is “a search extension” for Google Search.

Google’s assistant is meant to help users find the apps they want, the apps are not going to show up in your device’s app drawer.

The assistant will be similar to the ones you’ll find in most Google search products.

But Google has designed the assistant to help you get more out of your phone with less effort.

“Search Assistant is designed to be a smarter, more personal assistant for you.

You can ask Assistant questions, and the Assistant will give you suggestions based on the content you’ve searched for,” Google said in a blog post.

You’ll have more control over what you search and how you find what you want.

Google said that you will be allowed to change the search results in the assistant search box, and you will have access to other suggestions, like the ones that come from the assistant itself.

Google has made it easy for users who want to use Assistant to use its search tools.

When you search for something, the Assistant app will show up with a pop-up that lets you choose the option that’s best for you, Google said.

Google can also tell you about popular apps in your area or help you find apps for specific use cases, like watching videos.

Google also offers other features like auto-complete for things like “video playback” and “music player” in Assistant searches.

Google assistant will also be able answer questions about how you get your content, like how to get a better price for a particular app.

Google announced the Assistant extension in the form of an app update for Android phones, but this is its first app release for Google’s other products, including YouTube and its search services.

Google will also offer Assistant in a free update for Chrome OS, the operating system used by Chromebooks and other devices, next month.

Google says the assistant will become available for everyone in the coming weeks.

It’s unclear if Assistant will work with the Google Assistant app, but the company said that it is “coming soon.”

Google’s search software has grown over the years, and now it’s the main tool Google uses to find its apps.

The company is hoping that the new Google Search assistant will help users search for more of their favorite things, but Google is also hoping that it will help people find and use more of the software’s services.

Assistant may be a useful tool in some cases, but if you are on a budget and want to save a little money, you should probably stick to the Google Search search app.

The app is also free to download, but that may be because it is already the default app in most Android phones.

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