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Intel to open up to Qualcomm chipsets to enable cloud services

Intel to unveil a new cloud-based version of its chipmaker’s Xilinx AVR software for use in virtualization applications and other applications in the future.

The new software will be available to vendors of Xeon Phi-based server chipsets.

The new version of the Xilinus software, codenamed “X-Ray,” will be a “software defined network” (SDN) tool, which can be used for a variety of networking tasks, including virtualization and cloud computing, Intel said.

Intel has previously announced that it will begin offering a new “Xilinx SDN” platform for customers of Xeon E3-1200 v4 CPUs in early 2018.

The Intel software-defined networking (SDNS) software will allow customers to access and manage virtual machines, virtualization, virtual desktops and other virtual environments, Intel has said.

Intel has not said how the new X-Ray software will work in conjunction with Xeon Phi, which has been the core of the company’s chipmaking operations for the past several years.

But earlier this month, Intel announced that the company will begin shipping Xeon Phi processors to partners in the third quarter of 2019, a move that will give customers of its Xeon Phi chipsets more flexibility in deploying and managing virtual machines.

Intel’s move toward offering more flexibility to customers of the Xeon Phi processor is a positive development, but some analysts question whether customers of a particular chip would be ready to upgrade to the new software.

Apple to cut 3,000 jobs in China after Chinese government shuts down news website

Apple is planning to slash 3,400 jobs at its Beijing-based Apple-owned Cupertino headquarters in the coming months after a government crackdown on the company’s local news service, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with the WSJ on Monday that the Cupertinos goal is to be “as close to zero as we can” by 2018.

Apple will hire a small team of people to work on its news operation in China, and will use “new technology” to cut the news staff’s work hours, Cook said.

Cook said the company is “not a huge news organization” in China.

But the WSj reports that Cook was referring to the local news website Tencent News, which has a history of publishing inaccurate news.

The WSJ says that after the government announced a nationwide ban on Tencent news outlets, Apple shut down its news site in January.

In February, Apple said it would buy Tencent for $600 million.

Read more at the WSji.

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